PLC & The 133th Canton Fair Story

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PLC & The 133th Canton Fair Story

  2023 is an important and special year. The epidemic is over and the world is open again. The Canton Fair has very important meanings for global import and export trade.

  On April 15, the Canton Fair restarted the offline mode and increased the size of the exhibition hall. 

  The 133th Canton Fair is called: The Largest Canton Fair In History!



Come and take a look at the situation of PLC at The 133th Canton Fair!

Part 1: 2023 PLC New Product:

High wattage 80-100W & PLC private model LED Headlight

PLC-9 & PLC-10


7 Colors & Popular styles & PLC Private models  Parking Sensors  

2058 & A-389  


Part 2: PLC Reception Of Customers

We are very happy to meet new and old friend at the 133th Canton Fair. 

Thank you very much for choosing PLC.

"After three years, I am very happy to see you again"

"We always believe in the quality of PLC"

"The support of the PLC factory makes us more confident in promoting products in my country"

"The after-sales service of PLC has never let me down"

"I am very happy that after the epidemic has passed for three years, PLC is still persisting, and some other factories have closed down."


These are the words we heard most at the fair.



  The 133th Canton Fair has ended perfectly. 

  Thank you very much for coming to the PLC booth to share with us the current market situation and exchange experience.

  With the opening of the country again, the arrival of friends from home and abroad, and the perfect holding of this Canton Fair, PLC is also looking forward to the future development. 

  PLC will continue to bring you high-quality products! 

  Very Welcome To PLC Zhongshan Factory & Guangzhou Yiyou Shop GB118!