PLC & 2023 New Product

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PLC & The 133th Canton Fair Story

  2023 is an important and special year. The epidemic is over and the world is open again. The Canton Fair has very important meanings for global import and export trade.

  On April 15, the Canton Fair restarted the offline mode and increased the size of the exhibition hall. 

  The 133th Canton Fair is called: The Largest Canton Fair In History!



Come and take a look at the situation of PLC at The 133th Canton Fair!

Part 1: Product Line

PLC's latest product chain: Car alarm, LED Headlight, Parking Sensor, DVR,DVD, Camera, Immobilizer, Central Door Lock, TPMS, Automatic Trunk Opener and so on.

Part 2: 2023 PLC New Product:

High wattage 80-100W & PLC private model LED Headlight

PLC-9 & PLC-10


7 Colors & Popular styles & PLC Private models  Parking Sensors  

2058 & A-389  


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